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A Higher Standard of Wealth Management

Investment Planning
Estate Planning
Insurance Planning
Real Estate Investments
Tax Planning
Retirement Planning

Never in modern history has investing been more complicated and challenging. Traditional principles and methods have become less effective and risk factors have increased. Experienced continuous management and monitoring are required for safety and optimal performance. 

We also recommend Hedging as part of most investment strategies. Hedging is analogous to placing an insurance position alongside an investment to protect against downside volatility.  

A comprehensive, well thought-out and implemented PLAN is essential. 

Winging it and hoping for the best does not qualify as a plan!!!

Whether retirement, college or legacy planning, let us take the guesswork out of the process and assist in putting you on the path to greater success and peace of mind.

A qualified / experienced estate attorney is important.  Wills, Trusts, gifting, charitable contributions, and asset liability protections are an important elements of asset protection and preservation.

We have identified a few, very capable attorneys who meet our stringent requirements (yet are affordable) to take care of your needs should you need them.

We are licensed to provide life insurance products and annuities.

We provide this service for your convenience and to save you costs associated with such products.

Let us help you make wise choices when it comes to acquiring insurance products.

Taxes are a reality of life. Some seem justified and others highly questionable. It is our belief that money can and is usually better spent or allocated by those that earn it. Tax rules and exemptions are legal / ethical and put in place intentionally. The more of your money that you control and use as you see fit, the greater the impact you can have on matters important to you.

Proactive tax planning is an important of any investment plan.  

While there are occasional attractive and worthwhile opportunities, they often come with elevated risk and management nuisance.

With over 30 years of real estate investment experience we are in the unique position to vet and offer qualified guidance throughout the acquisition process.

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